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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Wildfire Safety Bunkers.

Both our six and twelve person fire bunkers are fully accredited by the then Building Commission (the legal predecessor of the Victorian Building Authority), to the highest published Australian standard. There are currently no other specific accreditation processes for wildfire safety shelters in other States and Territories of Australia or Federally. However, subject to compliance with local planning laws, the Wildfire Safety Bunker is suitable for use in all Australian jurisdictions due to its performance characteristics.
Our bunkers vary in price depending on the various options chosen by the customer. If you would like a quote, please contact us advising us of what you require from the website options list. The quote will be broken down into individual components. There is a link on the contact us page of this website.
There is enough passive air supply in a Wildfire Safety Bunker to sustain six (6) adults for one (1) hour. After one hour, and after you are sure the fire has passed, the ventilation shafts can be opened.
Possibly a small amount of smoke will enter the bunker. It is extremely important that all occupants of the bunker have available to them a well fitted approved breathing mask and goggles, these two pieces of personal protection equipment will take away the irritant associated with smoke in the air.
No, a well maintained bunker is a completely sealed unit when all the doors are securely fastened.
We can supply approved PPE or we can forward you contact details of a retail outlet that can supply you direct.
We do not recommend pure oxygen; the use of commercially available diving bottles (aqua lungs) with approved masks is a much safer option. Keep in mind the more mass you store in the bunker the less passive air you have available.
Every Wildfire Safety Bunker is fitted with a viewing port window in the door and a temperature gauge. Once the temperature gauge has dropped back below 50 degrees Celsius after the fire has passed, the viewing port window door can be opened to make further outside observations.
Yes, as long as the location chosen meets the requirements laid out in the installation guidelines.
We do not recommend that the bunker be used for any other purpose other than what it was designed for.
Yes, we have a maintenance section on the products page. See here.
Yes, but consideration must be given to how many occupants are already in the bunker and that some animals may behave abnormally when put into a confined space.
We have contractors that are experienced in transporting and installing our bunkers. We will forward you their contact details and they will give you a separate quote on installation.
These costs obviously vary due to location and ground makeup.
Yes, a building permit is required by law to install an accredited bunker.
Your local council may fine you and possibly ask you to remove it.

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