Is it really worth the risk?
Is your fire shelter accredited?

Wildfire Safety Bunkers Leading The Way

The first fully accredited fire safety bunker. Click below to see why.

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Only accredited or approved fire shelters are suitable for human use. Human use of unaccredited or unapproved storage shelters during a fire event risks injury and death. Wildfire Safety Bunkers have been highly commended for their Fire and Storm shelters.

Wildfire Safety Bunkers has been receiving a number of calls recently from consumers inquiring whether we will carry out repairs and modifications to existing shelters supplied by others. WSB would like to take this opportunity to remind you that our 6 + 12 person fire shelters have been accredited, following an authoritative independent assessment process conducted by the Building Regulations Advisory Committee in Victoria, for use on sites that have been assessed as 'Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone', when assessed in accordance with AS 3959-2009.

It is not possible to obtain a higher level of accreditation. Subject to individual site assessment, the design of both the 6 + 12 persons fire shelters have also been approved by the Building Rules Assessment Commission in South Australia. We (WSB) will not repair or retro-fit any of our accredited and tested components to any unaccredited products supplied by others.

Wildfire Safety Bunkers has also received calls inquiring if our storage shelters can be used for human protection during a fire event. Although our storage shelters are built to the same high standards as our human use fire shelters, storage shelters should not be used for human protection during a fire event due to them not being tested or evaluated against the Australian Standards. If you use an unaccredited or unapproved fire shelter for human use, you may be putting your family’s lives at risk. If you have purchased, installed or constructed an unaccredited or unapproved fire shelter, and have called it a storage shelter for convenience, please take some time to consider the potential devastation if someone is injured or dies in that shelter, as well as the possible legal consequences you may face.

If you have any questions please call Wildfire Safety Bunkers on 1800 559 859.

The Victorian Building Authority's Certificate of Accreditation proves our products have been individually assessed as complying with the performance requirements for use on sites classified up to 'Bushfire Attack Level - Flame Zone (BAL-FZ), the highest bushfire risk level under the relevant Australian Standard. It shows that our product meets the stringent official Victorian fire rating and engineering standards. Wildfire Safety Bunkers is currently the only personal bushfire shelter that holds this type of accreditation from BRAC-Vic.

Subject to individual site assessment, our shelters are also approved for use in principle by the Building Rules Assessment Commission in South Australia. While there are currently no specific Government accreditation processes for wildfire safety shelters in other States and Territories or Federally, subject to obtaining local planning approval, the performance characteristics of our shelters mean it is suitable for use in all Australian State & Territories.