Due to the increased cost of raw materials and overseas freight,
all Wildfire products have been increased as of the 1st of February 2024.

Please see new pricing on our product page.

Agents Australian Wide

Supplying bunkers at an affordable price to every Australian with units installed Australia wide. Wildfire Safety Bunkers now has an agent or installer near you, if you have any questions please call Wildfire Safety Bunkers on 1800 559 859.

Fully Accredited

Our units were tested and approved for installation in Australians highest rated bushfire areas - Bushfire Attack Level Flame Zone (BAL-FZ). Making us the first fully tested and accredited private use bushfire shelter in Australia, suitable for human use.

Proven Leaders

Since 2008 Wildfire Safety Bunkers have been the leaders in manufacture and installation of private use bushfire shelters. Our testing over the years has proven that having a fire shelter installed below ground does offer greater benefits to the end user.

Anthony Tratt, Managing Director WFSB

"We're committed to providing back up support by way of our products to help assist residents that live in high risk bushfire areas through out Australia."

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All components and specifications listed below have been rigorously tested and scrutinised by the then Building Commission, the legal predecessor of the Victorian Building Authority, before product accreditation was granted to Wildfire Safety Bunkers Pty Ltd.

6 + 12 Person Bunkers

The First Fully Accredited Fire Safety 6 + 12 Person Bunkers.

Storage Vaults

Greatly assist residents who plan to evacuate if the threat of fire is possible.

Safety Equipment

Personal Protection and First Aid equipment can be purchased directly.

Our Team

Our job here at Wildfire Safety Bunkers is to make you feel at ease in the process of choosing a Safety Bunker. We'll help you to demystify the processes of accreditation, planning, permits, and can help you manage your project from start to finish delivering you and your family the right product and piece of mind.

Anthony Tratt

Managing Director

Anthony is the Managing Director and Lead Designer of Wildfire Safety Bunkers Pty Ltd. With over 25 years experience in the commercial and domestic construction fields. Part of this was spent at BHP research laboratories in Melbourne, specializing in fire and load testing on various products.

Jarrod Tratt

Production Manager

Jarrod has been with the Company from its inception in 2008. As Production Manager Jarrod oversees all staff, contractors and stock levels, he also plays a major roll in the manufacturing of each and every bunker we produce.

Tim Shorthouse


Tim has been with the Company from its inception in 2008. As Quality Control Technician Tim is responsible for making sure that every unit is of the highest standard before it leaves the factory. Tim also plays a major roll in the manufacturing of each and every bunker we produce.